The voice of the steppes

Sometimes we cannot explain the project or tell its story. “Golos stepei” is just one of such projects. Story is just a pretext. This film is about contemplation, listening and travelling. It’s about the connection with the sound, the space, the vibration of Kazakhstan beauty and the anthems. We had been working during many years on this project without knowing that in the end we would touch this Absolut. Finally we achieved the desired results.


A little boy Anatole lives in 1960s in the steppe in Kazakhstan with his parents-archeologists. One day he witnesses his brother’s accidental death, this drama traumatizes the boy so much that he loses his ability to speak. Once he meets a Kazakh Eraly who will teach him to hear again the world around him and will teach him how to speak again. The whole Anatole’s life depends from now on from his ability to hear. His ear connects him to the world. 50 years later, the steppe calls him again…


Production year: 2013
Date de sortie : non définie
Genre : Drama
Directed by: Ermek Shinarbaev et Gérard Depardieu
Casting: Gérard Depardieu, Berik Aidjanov, Natalie Dessay
Script: Vincent Ravalec
Image: Eric Guichard
Sound: Patrice Grisolet, Vincent Arnardi
Editing: Hervé Schneid, Sylvain Coutandin
Countries: Français, Kazakh
Distributor: Orange Studio