With Viktor, our ambition was to produce an international English-spoken film that offered a glimpse of reality of today’s Russia not limited to a beautiful scenery and some cliché characters. The film combines a top-level casting including Gerard Depardieu and Elizabeth Hurley with some skillful directing of  Philippe Martinez, a notorious film noir expert. Moscow, Chechnia, the father-son relationship, the man chase – “Viktor” has all the elements of a classic action film.


After spending seven years in jail for an art heist, Victor Lambert returns to Moscow to uncover the circumstances behind his son Jeremy’s brutal murder. He is backed by his lover Alexandra and by his ex-partner-in-crime, Chechen choreographer Souliman


Production date: 2013
Release date: upcoming
Genre: action, thriller
Director: Philippe Martinez
Starring: Gérard Deperdieu, Elizabeth Hurley
Writer: Philippe Martinez
Director of Photography: Jean-François Hensgens
Sound mixer: Samuel Cohen
Film editor: Thomas Fernandez
Countries of production: France, Russia
International distribution: Saradan Media