Production (Cinema and TV)

B-Tween produces the films in cooperation with film-makers from the post-soviet states – from Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan… We produce the films reflecting the phenomena of different national cultures, telling the stories about human destinies and the lives of outstanding people. We work with the projects based on original ideas and we are capable to ensure the services for the whole film production process – from initial project conception to assessing the capacity of its realization, from financial planning to attracting creative, human, financial and technical resources necessary for its realization.

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Executive production – France

B-Tween organizes the shooting and produces the films in France.
B-Tween renders the following services:

  • Employing a film crew, concluding the contracts obeying the labour legislation and collective agreements.
  • Ensuring the technical equipment cooperating with local technical contractors.
  • Assists at the shootings (service is provided in two languages).
  • Controlling the production programs, the budget and deadlines.
  • Proposing well-equipped offices (with Internet access, telephone,…)

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Executive production – CIS

B-Tween organizes the shooting in the post-soviet countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Azerbaijan …) for French producers. B-Tween can help a French production director accomplish the following tasks:

  • Obtaining the authorizations for shooting
  • Locations scouting
  • Materials purchase
  • Recruiting of the film crew
  • Logistics from abroad
  • Casting
  • Rushes management

B-Tween also sees if the film project can benefit from possible contracts in co-production concluded between the countries, applies for possible local financial aids for cinema production and searches for local partners.

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B-Tween offers a number of different technical services: subtitling and dubbing in all languages, a fabrication of master copies for television (which conform to the image and sound standards), titling and all post-production works necessary for the production of master copies.

B-Tween proposes also “production service”. For producers coming to France for shooting, B-Tween offers a Russian-speaking team, well-equipped offices; helps with film-making equipment, locations scouting, recruiting of a local film crew; obtains the authorizations for shooting.

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