B-Tween organizes the shooting in France for foreign producers (coming from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Azerbaijan). B-Tween renders the following services: obtaining the authorizations for shooting; locations scouting; materials purchase; recruiting of the film crew; casting; logistics from abroad; rushes management.
B-Tween also sees if the film project can benefit from possible contracts in co-production concluded between the countries, applies for possible local financial aids for cinema production and searches for local partners.


Viktor, the film


Production year : 2013
Release date: Not defined
Directed by: Philippe Martinez
Casting: Gérard Depardieu, Elizabeth Hurley
Genre: Thriller
Countries: French, Russia
Shooting: 6 weeks in Chechnya and Moscow

La Voix des Steppes

The voice of the steppes

Production year: 2013
Release date: Not defined
Directed by: Ermek Shinarbaev,  Gérard Depardieu
Casting: Gérard Depardieu, Berik Aidjanov
Genre: Drama
Countries: French, Kazakh
Shooting: 7 weeks in Kazakhstan (4 regions)


Moj greshnij angel

Production year: 2011
Release date: 7 november 2011
Genre: Drama
Directed by: Talgat Temenov
Casting: Daniyar Kanatgaliev, Kuralai Anarbekova, Gerard Depardieu, Mourat Akhmanov
Script: Talgat Temenov
Image: Anton Antonov
Countries: Kazakhe
Shooting: 3 days in Paris


The toy merchant

Production year: 2012
Release date: 7 january 2013
Genre: Comedy
Directed by: Yuri Vasilyev
Casting: Shamil Hamatov, Agnia Ditkovskite, Tatiana Lutaeva, Veniamin Smehov, Pierre Richard
Script: Viktor Dobrosotskiy
Image: Nikita Semenov
Sound: Kirill Krastoshevskij, Mokhail Kulakov
Countries: Russian
shooting: One week in Paris

Mustafa Chokai

Production year: 2008
Release date: 8 september 2008, 20 november (international)
Genre: Drama, biopic, historical
Directed by: Satybaldy Narymbetov
Casting: Aziz Beyshenaliev, Karina Abdullina, Natalya Arinbasarova
Script: Akim Tarazi, Serguey Bodrov (the father), Ermek Tursunov
Image: Khasan Kydyraliyev, Mourat Aliev
Countries: Russian, Kazakh
Shooting: One week in Paris



The Bank “Sovietsky” – Russia

Produced in 2014
B-Tween again handled the executive production of the advertising campaign for the Bank Sovetskyi. Directed by Frédéric Auburtin, clips were shot at the restaurant “La Fontaine Gaillon” in Paris.

The bank “Sovestky” – Russia

Produced in 2014
Gerard Depardieu became the ambassador of this Russian bank having numerous offices throughout Russia. Its promotional videos were directed in Paris by Frederique Auburtin


Azerbaijani cuisine

Produced in 2012
Gerard Depardieu chants the merits of traditional Azerbaijani cuisine demonstrating its traditional dishes in a caravanserai, a typical building of that region. The video was directed by Frederique Auburtin in Bakou.


Tourism in Azerbaijan

Produced in 2011
Azerbaijan is actively developing its summer tourism (trek) and winter tourism (mountain ski). In order to show the places of tourists’ attraction, a promotional clip was filmed by the director Roger Delattre.