About us


B-TWEEN is a French production company established in 2010. Its founder, Arnaud Frilley, is a member of the fourth generation of a family involved in audiovisual production activities. The founders of these activities, immigrants from Russia after the October Revolution, established the film production company GENERAL PRODUCTION in 1928 and the subtitling company TITRAFILM in 1933.

B-TWEEN’s project is to be a link between French cinema and foreign countries’ film industries. This link serves to develop film projects, to organize filming, and to participate in international events. B-TWEEN handles foreign films shootings and oversees their post-production in France. Our company also participates in organizing various events during festivals.

While cooperating with foreign countries, B-TWEEN seeks to present these countries’ outstanding personalities, narratives and interesting places to a wide international audience. Filming in our partners’ countries, with local crews and an international cast, is also one of our production principles.

B-Tween works closely with TITRAFILM during the post-production and localization of its films and videos.







Arnaud Frilley
Founder / Director
Catherine Zitzmann
Yulia Mosman
Production Department