Founded in 2010, B-tween is a French production company specializing in coproductions with Russian-speaking countries and territories.

B-tween produces feature films as well as television and corporate content.

Our services

B-tween organises filming for French producers in Russian-speaking countries, such as Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and others.  B-tween also organises filming in France for Russian-speaking producers.
B-tween manages the entire process of film and audiovisual content production: from development to delivery.
B-tween offers lab and localization services for TV and movie content, such as subtitling and dubbing.

Our advantages

Our Russian-speaking team consists of the project managers and the lawyers from France and from the post-soviet states.
B-tween has a wide range of professional contacts with creative and technical specialists in the post-soviet states.
We follow the projects based on creativity and cooperation between different countries. Our projects present different cultures and discover new talents.

Our partners


Arnaud Frilley
Founder / Director
Catherine Zitzmann
Yulia Mosman
Production Department
Elena Sokolova
Production Department


Victoria Yakubova Schneid
Film director

In this strange world of today, where money-making prevails over art, meeting a person endowed with a generous, truly artistic spirit, in search of poetry and loyalty, is a real treasure.
When I was shooting my first feature film, “Olma Djon”, I had the chance to meet some of these rare people and one of them was my very dear and very precious friend Arnaud Frilley.
When I told him about my idea to make my film, without asking for anything, he immediately opened his big heart to me and provided such a gracious and precious help.
The cooperation between our company and B-TWEEN unfolded in a way I could wish all filmmakers : it unfolded in a precise, professional and generous manner.
I felt in Arnaud an irresistible desire to create a real piece of art with us. We were working together towards a common goal and we reached it.
The film “Olma Djon” has become what it is now and i touched so many hearts around the world, in large part thanks to B-TWEEN, this wonderful team that gave us all their talent and enthusiasm without counting. I have learned a lot from Arnaud and his partners. I really hope, from the bottom of my heart, that our fruitful cooperation will continue as long as possible. I share numerous awards won by “Olma Djon” around the world with Arnaud Frilley and all the B-TWEEN team and I cannot thank them enough.


Thank you. Spasibo, dear Arnaud.

Mikhail Kosyrev-Nesterov
Film director, producer

The script of “GRAND CANCAN” scenes shot in Brittany was only about 10 pages long, but these scenes were of key importance for the film. B-TWEEN perfectly organized 3 shooting days in Perros-Guirec. They had prepared all the filming locations in advance and assembled the perfect film crew: lighting technicians, technical specialists, production managers, assistants and others. The shooting days were very busy, and we have very fond memories of them.

Best wishes,
Mikhail Kosyrev-Nesterov


Head office:
9/11 rue Rolland
93400 Saint Ouen
Tél. : + 33 1 49 45 40 49
Moscow branch:
Baboushka production (Mami LTD brand)
Vnukovskoe Poselenie
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108811, Moscow, Russia
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