Founded in 2010, B-TWEEN is a French production company specializing in international coproductions. In particular, it works with the post-Soviet space countries, as well as the Maghreb and the Near East countries.

B-TWEEN produces feature films as well as online platforms content and corporate films.

Our services

B-tween organises filming abroad for French producers.  B-tween also organises filming in France for foreign content-makers.
B-tween manages the entire process of film and audiovisual content production: from development to delivery.
B-tween offers lab and localization services for TV and movie content, such as subtitling and dubbing.

Our advantages

Our team has special expertise in international coproductions.
B-tween has a wide range of professional contacts with creative and technical specialists in the post-soviet states, the Maghreb and the Near East countries.
We follow the projects based on creativity and cooperation between different countries. Our projects present different cultures and discover new talents.

Our partners


Arnaud Frilley
Founder / Director
Catherine Zitzmann
Yulia Mosman
Production Department


Victoria Yakubova Schneid
Film director

In this strange world of today, where money-making prevails over art, meeting a person endowed with a generous, truly artistic spirit, in search of poetry and loyalty, is a real treasure.
When I was shooting my first feature film, “Olma Djon”, I had the chance to meet some of these rare people and one of them was my very dear and very precious friend Arnaud Frilley.
When I told him about my idea to make my film, without asking for anything, he immediately opened his big heart to me and provided such a gracious and precious help.
The cooperation between our company and B-TWEEN unfolded in a way I could wish all filmmakers : it unfolded in a precise, professional and generous manner.
I felt in Arnaud an irresistible desire to create a real piece of art with us. We were working together towards a common goal and we reached it.
The film “Olma Djon” has become what it is now and i touched so many hearts around the world, in large part thanks to B-TWEEN, this wonderful team that gave us all their talent and enthusiasm without counting. I have learned a lot from Arnaud and his partners. I really hope, from the bottom of my heart, that our fruitful cooperation will continue as long as possible. I share numerous awards won by “Olma Djon” around the world with Arnaud Frilley and all the B-TWEEN team and I cannot thank them enough.


Thank you. Spasibo, dear Arnaud.

Mikhail Kosyrev-Nesterov
Film director, producer

The script of “GRAND CANCAN” scenes shot in Brittany was only about 10 pages long, but these scenes were of key importance for the film. B-TWEEN perfectly organized 3 shooting days in Perros-Guirec. They had prepared all the filming locations in advance and assembled the perfect film crew: lighting technicians, technical specialists, production managers, assistants and others. The shooting days were very busy, and we have very fond memories of them.

Best wishes,
Mikhail Kosyrev-Nesterov


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Moscow branch:
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