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My Golden Years

Arnaud Desplechin's “My Golden Years” has been selected for the Directors' Fortnight, a prequel to 1996's "My Sex Life … or How I Got Into an Argument". B-TWEEN worked as an executive producer of the film in Belarus and Tadjikistan.

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Our desire was to produce an international thriller in English but where Russia is not only serving as a decor. It stars Gérard Depardieu, Elizabeth Hurley and is directed by Philippe Martinez worthy of a great film noir.

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Our Russian-speaking team consists of the project managers and the lawyers from France and from the post-soviet states.


B-tween has a wide range of professional contacts with creative and technical specialists in the post-soviet states.


We follow the projects based on creativity and cooperation between different countries. Our projects present different cultures and discover new talents.

Our projects and productions


B-Tween is the connection between the different cinemas in the ex-soviet countries in France and Europe.

B-Tween develops, produces and sells films from these countries. Its activity is also to organize shootings (executive production) and events (festivals, presentations of films etc.) in France.

A part of the team speaks Russian and specialized in the cinema sector of these countries.

  • Production

    B-Tween is producing films avec ex-soviet republics . With Russian, Kazakhs, Georgian, Azeri, Kirghiz filmmakers

  • Executive production – France

    B-Tween organizes the shooting and produces the films in France.

  • Executive production - CIS

    B-Tween organizes the shooting in the post-soviet countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Belorussia, Azerbaijan …) for French producers.

  • Post-production

    B-Tween offers a number of different technical services: subtitling and dubbing in all languages etc.